The Night

BEFORE all, the beginning was the NIGHT. All of humanity’s creation myths express one longing: to overcome its darkness. At night the world of fears, transformations and apparitions awakens. To this day it is a place of romance as well as hope without prospects, of love and dreams, of melancholy and intoxication, of birth and death. It protects our sleep, refreshes us after the brightness, heat and restlessness of the day, wraps us in abysmal blackness or boasts a glittering firmament that allows us to glimpse the infinity of the universe. Eros and Thanatos, Morpheus and Insomnia: the night has a lot in store: promises or threats, magic and abysses, in any case it has never lost its dazzling secrets. Secrets that have continually challenged artists over the centuries: longed for, avoided, feared and transfigured: THE NIGHT

with works by

Sanell Aggenbach – Rashid Al Khalifa – Herbert Brandl – Gilbert Bretterbauer – Odonchimeg Davaadorj – Andreas Duscha – Jan Fabre – Judith Fegerl – Galli – Kendell Geers – Georg Haberler – Ulrike Köppinger – Hans Kotter – Constantin Luser – Niamh O’Malley – Sadaf Nava – Ivan Navarro – Simone Pellegrini – Sandrine Pelletier – Jaume Plensa – Fabrizio Plessi – Anselm Reyle – Bernardí Roig – Anneliese Schrenk – Antoni Tapies – Barthélémy Toguo – Iv Toshain – Sandra Vasquez de la Horra – Jorinde Voigt – Christina Zurfluh

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