Spectrum employ’s traditional Middle Eastern architectural principles, such as those seen throughout Bahraini artist Rashid Al Khalifa’s heritage, and contemporizes them by playing on structural attributes that are also reminiscent of contemporary Gulf architecture. Additionally, Rashid integrates a specific palette and tones that are characteristic to the landscape of his country. Despite the physicality and monumentalism of his work, which has transitioned over the years with the surroundings that have long inspired him, if we are to truly understand the essence of Rashid’s oeuvre, we find that he has undergone a very conscious journey. He has always aimed to express the fundamentality of life, through the contrasts he has regularly observed in his immediate environment, as well as the colours and light reflected in a land that he treasures.



16.6.2022 – 4.9.2022

Landesmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz

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