“TITUS (La clemenza di Tito)” by Catalina Swinburn


Can humanity rule over inhumanity? Can every guilt be forgiven? Can reason of state and humanity be reconciled? Can there be justice when private and political interests come into conflict with each other? These timeless questions about the correct use of power against the background of intrigue, violence and terror are at the center of Mozart’s last opera, which will be performed next weekend at the Whitsun Festival:

„La clemenza di Tito“

Chilean-born CATALINA SWINBURN weaves the origami-folded score of this opera into an impressive tapestry-like arrangement. The fact that the choice of this score is no coincidence is proven by her practice of using geopolitical maps, music sheets or even documents of “repressed patrimonial treasures” – for her objects and reliefs in order to point to the practice of a “geopolitical concept of expulsion”.

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